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Antiaging Medicine with REAC Technology:

the time machine to rejuvenate cells and tissues

Today it is actually possible to reduce and slow down the aging process, thanks to an innovative technology and specific patented treatment protocols which represent a time machine to reprogram cell fate.
The technology is the Radio Electric Asymmetric Conveyer (REAC), able to optimize the bioelectrical properties of the human body and allow it to recover progressively the best possible conditions.
The Antiaging protocols with REAC Technology are divided basically into two categories: Bio Optimization and Neuro Optimization. Together they constitute an absolutely innovative approach in the field of Antiaging Medicine.

The Bio and Neuro Optimization Protocols developed by the Rinaldi Fontani Institute act on a deep level, in biological processes within our tissues: just like a time machine they act on the biological clock in our cells, modulating their activity, reprogramming their rate of evolution and thus slowing down their physiological decay.
Reprogramming our biological age is the purpose of a proper and successful anti-aging strategy, aimed to increase the expectation of duration and quality of life: to live longer aging in health.

The Antiaging effect of REAC Technology approach is aimed to influence the aging process, making the passage of time as much as possible healthy, independent and free from degenerative diseases typical of the advanced age.
To prevent psycho-physical and degenerative diseases associated with aging, means to keep as long as possible an enjoyable social, emotional and sexual life. This triggers a virtuous circle that slows the physiological process of decay.

The Antiaging protocols with REAC technology have been tested scientifically with the most advanced research methodologies: the scientific studies on Neuro Enhancement have been performed in humans and published in prestigious scientific journals. The scientific studies on Bio Enhancement in Antiaging have obviously been performed in vitro, using the most advanced techniques of research and the outstanding results of these studies are documented in publications in prestigious international journals, where for the first time in literature we have described the actual ability to reprogram cell fate of adult cells, using REAC technology developed by the Rinaldi Fontani Institute.

The Antiaging approach with REAC Technology faces the phenomenon of aging in its multiple aspects, focusing on the psycho-physical balance of the individual and allowing him to recover the optimal well-being and quality of life, in contrast to the progressive loss of mental and motor skills and with the deterioration of the functions of all systems of our body.

In general we can state that the aging process is characterized by the lower capacity of the tissues to regenerate and by a state of chronic inflammation that leads to impairment of organs and systems and thus to the reduction of longevity.
The goal that our therapeutic approach aims for is, if not to reverse, to modulate and counter the aging process at the level of the different systems: it acts on the damages already caused by aging, repairing them and especially implementing protocols for preventing them.
This innovative technology is in fact capable of reducing inflammatory processes, improving tissue oxygenation, activating mechanisms of repair and regeneration which contrast the disorganization of the tissues, which in turn facilitates the onset of degenerative phenomena.

Our Bio Optimization protocols in Antiaging are able to influence in a positive sense the most refined structures of the cell, i.e. the telomeres, which are DNA components, or key enzymes such as beta-galactosidase or proteins such as actin-myosin, which is the motor of muscle activity and tone, that gradually decrease with aging.

Areas of application of the Antiaging protocols with REAC Technology

The aging is manifested by the reduction in proliferative capacity of the cells of the basal membrane and consequent thinning and loss of elasticity. Reduction in the number and function of fibroblasts, decreased synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Increased dry skin. Blood vessels more fragile and more permeable.
The therapeutic protocols with REAC Technology are effective in the prevention and treatment of:
  • wrinkle skin dryness and dehydration
  • telangiectasias (couperose and acne rosacea)
  • changes in superficial microcirculation
  • changes in skin pigmentation
  • loss of skin firmness and changes in face architecture
  • cellulite, stretch marks and scars
  • hair loss


Cardiovascular diseases are the first cause of death in industrialized countries. Among them, the most dangerous are heart attack and stroke, which are often caused in particular by atherosclerosis with the phenomena of chronic inflammation. Arteries and veins walls stiffen, venous tone decreases, capillaries and post-capillary venules dilate. These phenomena cause a reduction in the return of blood from the periphery to the center, venous stasis (especially in the lower limbs with venous insufficiency up to varicose veins) and the phenomena of cellulite.
The therapeutic protocols with REAC Technology are effective in the prevention and treatment of:
  • hypertension
  • tachycardia paroxysmal
  • disorders of arteriovenous microcirculation (es. Raynaud's disease)
  • restless legs syndrome
  • telangiectasias
  • cellulite


The aging process leads to progressive reduction in the number of muscle fibers with loss of muscle strength, mass and tone.
Our body loses progressively its ability to produce proteins and thus to meet its metabolic and energetic needs.
Joints lubrication and elasticity decrease, while tissues stiffness and attrition increase.
Bone formation processes slow down compared to those of bone destruction, resulting in decrease in bone mass (osteopenia) and in total bone density (osteoporosis).
The therapeutic protocols with REAC Technology are effective in the prevention and treatment of:
  • joint and muscle pain, stiffness and limitations
  • osteopenia


In the aging process rib cage respiratory abnormalities (kyphosis, atrophy of the respiratory muscles, ossification of the costal cartilages) can interfere with respiratory functions.
The bronchial mucosa thins, the lung volumes are modified and that reduces the concentration of oxygen in the blood and from there to all tissues.
The therapeutic protocols with REAC Technology are effective in the prevention and treatment of:
  • respiratory deficit and disorders


As well as other organs, our brain undergoes a genetically programmed physiological process of aging, that can be accelerated by diseases like diabetes, hypertension, etc. or by environmental factors.
The anatomical changes that indicate a brain aging affect the number of neurons, the connections between neurons and their activity.
The therapeutic protocols with REAC Technology are effective in the prevention and treatment of:
  • memory disorders
  • prevention and treatment of cognitive decay
  • prevention and treatment of anxious-depressive disorders and emotional lability


Sex is an essential part of our existence and therefore the capacity to maintain a vital sexual life affects not only the welfare, but also the duration of our life.
The decline of sexuality in the elderly is not due only to aging process but also to the emotional load and stress accumulated over the years that have a negative influence on the sphere of sexuality.
The main events in men are changes in the libido, which is no longer able to express itself in a full erection and completion of the sexual act, sometimes deprived of orgasm.
In women, we may have a change in sexual behavior, which is often expressed with vaginal dryness, difficulty in penetration and loss of ability to achieve orgasm.
The therapeutic protocols with REAC Technology are effective in the prevention and treatment of:
  • loss or reduction in sexual desire - libido
  • functional impotence
  • premature ejaculation
  • difficulty in reaching orgasm
  • vaginal dryness and pain during intercourse
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