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Neuro Muscular Optimization (NMO)

What it is

Neuro Muscular Optimization is the name that groups a set of treatment protocols of neuromodulation and neurostimulation with REAC Technology, in order to optimize the management of muscles, in particular the functional balance between agonist and antagonist muscles, both in pathological and dysfunctional conditions.
Neuro Muscular Optimization represents a new paradigm in Advanced Rehabilitation, opening up new prospects for concrete therapeutic possibilities in rehabilitation.
The therapeutic cycles normally are repeated more than once and their number varies according to the state of health or disease of the subject treated.
The therapies of Neuro Muscular Optimization are made by covering the areas to be treated with a special laminar probe in aluminum, patent claims, connected to the device REAC.

What it is for

It is used for optimizing the management of muscles and therefore of movements, allowing a gradual and progressive correction of psycho neuro motor alterations and the recovery of a fair and balanced management of muscles and posture.
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