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Neuro Postural Optimization (NPO)

What it is

Neuro Postural Optimization is a sophisticated protocol of neuro modulation with REAC Technology.
It is totally painless, it lasts a few moments, it has no side effects and the results tend to be stable over time.
Due to the stability of the effects, very rarely it is necessary to repeat the treatment of Neuro Postural Optimization.
For the patient it consists in positioning the probe tip of the device REAC on a specific area of the auricle for a few milliseconds.

What it is for

It is used for beginning the optimization processes of neuropsychical and neuromotor functions.
Sometimes the only Neuro Postural Optimization can lead to important phenomena of functional recovery and reduce some symptoms.
Some examples of immediate effects of Neuro Postural Optimization:
- Improving postural attitude;
- Immediate reduction of some algic symptoms;
- Immediate recovery of the best motor strategies in healthy subjects;
- Immediate recovery of the best motor strategies in pathological subject, for example in the spasticity of various nature.
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