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Who we are

The name "Istituto Rinaldi Fontani" comes from the names of its founders, who started their research more than thirty years ago.

Salvatore Rinaldi and Vania Fontani are two medicine doctors, married in life and research. They work in Florence at Istituto Rinaldi Fontani, that they founded to give more strenght to their scientific research and clinical application.
From the beginning, Rinaldi and Fontani have directed their studies on the Epigenetics effects, ie on changes induced in our body by many environmental factors, such as our lifestyles, nutrition, substances with which we come into contact, type of work, chronic stress.
The epigenetic modifications are the basis of many diseases as they can determine both their onset and their clinical course.
Since there are no real treatments to counteract the negative effects of epigenetic modifications, Rinaldi and Fontani concentrated their studies on the analysis of disorders and diseases of epigenetic origin, trying to identify a therapeutic strategy that was safe, effective and scientifically validated.
REAC technology is the result of this research.
REAC technology enables new therapeutic strategies for the recovery and functional optimization of the body in respect of epigenetic modifications, and therefore of epigenetics diseases, which cannot be faced pharmacologically or by other means.
The goal of REAC technology treatments is to act on our body's response, gradually bringing it to its maximum efficiency and thus triggering a gradual optimization of biological, neurological, psychological and physical functions of the organism as a whole.

Years of study and research have led to the development of specific therapeutic protocols. REAC Technology therapeutic protocols have been validated by rigorous research protocols and published in prestigious scientific peer reviewed international journals.

Rinaldi Fontani Institute - Viale Belfiore 43, 50144 Florence - Phone +39 055 290307 - info@irf.it
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